Aiken County Schools Using More Security Measures This Year

As the new school year in Aiken County kicked off Monday, many are noticing an increase in safety measures. The school system has had more security camera installed inside and outside of every elementary school. This has given parents an extra sense of security, knowing that if something were to happen it would be caught on camera.

In addition to the cameras on campus, they've also added new cameras to the school buses, along with radios for bus drivers for more effective communication.

Dr. Shawn Foster, Chief Officer for Operations and Student Services for Aiken County, adds that they've installed more doors at two of the school, making it where parents are funneled into the front office and can't directly access the school.

But it isn't just the school premises and buses that have heightened security... Sporting events will also see an increase in safety measures. Plain clothed security guards will be at athletic events- assisting with entry, bag checking and any other safety precautions that are needed.

Safety is their priority and they are continually working to be ready for the unexpected.

In all honesty, it's sad that this is what the world has come to! Kids can't even feel safe at school! Prayers will all the kids who are back in school for a safe year!



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