Shelter Dog Becomes Disney Star?

Monte is a two-year-old terrier mix who was in an Arizona animal shelter... but his life has taken a turn for the best! He has landed a starring role on the upcoming Disney remake of "Lady and the Tramp!"

Monte was at HALO Animal Rescue in Phoenix, until he was adopted! He'd originally been rescued by the Animal Services of the Mesilla Valley in Las Cruces, New Mexico, before HALO rescued him back in April 2018.

It didn't take shelter workers long to see how friendly Monte was- he loved greeting people, giving kisses, and loved attention. He could also sit and walk well on a leash!

Interestingly enough, animal trainers came from Hollywood to scout out the rescue, and no surprise- Monte was a perfect fit!

Monte was adopted and has done filming and public appearances, all while enjoying a happy new life on the outside! :)

The Disney remake of "Lady and the Tramp" will debut on November 12th on Disney's new streaming service. The cast is made up of real-life rescue dogs and voiced by celebrities. Monte's voice is done by Justin Theroux, who is the proud dad of a rescue pup himself!



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