Group Of Firefighters Show Random Act of Kindness!

A group of firemen near St. Louis, Missouri responded to an issue in a big way! They helped a woman in a wheelchair after seeing her tip over while trying to get into her home. Her house wasn't wheelchair accessible-- and she was having to wheel herself through the front yard, and attempt to get up multiple steps. Thankfully she wasn't hurt, but the firemen decided that wouldn't happen again! They went back to her house with shovels and concrete to build her a path! They dog out a part of the front yard to even the ground, poured cement... making a path from the sidewalk to her front porch-- where they put in a ramp for her.

None of the men were on the clock when they did this! They went above and beyond the call of duty because they saw a need. And THIS is what the world needs more of!



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