Dog Passes Away 15 Minutes After Owner

Stuart Hutchinson spent the last 8 years of his life fighting cancer. He had tried surgery and chemotherapy, but unfortunately, on August 11th, he passed away at the age of 25. The cancer had spread to most of his brain, to his bones and pelvis.

Hutchinson had moved into his mother's house to spend the last few weeks in a comfortable space with his mom as a full-time caregiver. Hutchinson's wife, Danielle, spent a lot of time at her in-laws house to be close to her husband The day he passed away, her father had gone to their home to pick up Danielle's glasses so she wouldn't have to leave Stuart's side. While at the house, Danielle's father noticed the dog, Nero, seemed to be ill. He rushed Nero to the vet to discover a rupture in his spine. Unfortunately, Nero passed away... and it happened 15 minutes after Stuart passed.

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