Back To School... Moms, Can You Relate?


Sure, some parents may actually be sad to see summer end and have the kids go back to school... But this group of moms in Florida definitely didn't feel that way! They were excited for the new school year and celebrated with a hilarious back-to-school photo shoot!

The four women have a total of 18 kids between them. They are all working moms, so no wonder they were counting down the days til school started back! Everyone loves routine, right? It was a busy summer for the women, so they were definitely ready to relax! One of the women is a photographer and decided on a fun back to school photo sess... with the other moms!

They all dressed in PJs, robes and slippers with wine glasses with fruit punch. They completed the set up with wine bottles and one of those chalkboard sgins that said #ByeFelicia!

Here is another funny video of how parents feel this time of year!



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