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Richmond County Sheriff's Office Has Some New Rules

There are some mixed reactions coming from bar managers and customers as a result of a letter sent to late-night bars on Broad Street from the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

The letter comes after the attack of the 24-year-old outside of "The Scene" nightclub earlier this month.

Richmond County Sheriff's Office is requiring bars to come up with a plan if there's any incident-- whether a person is too drunk and/or a fight breaks out. The letter says if a fight breaks out, it's the bar security who is responsible for getting any instigators off the premises-- even if they have to escort them to their car. Manager and customers aren't thrilled with that idea.

Some managers are seeing it as unnecessary since violence can be rare and not all of them need added responsibility.

Overall, people are agreeing that safety is the number one priority,

The letter from the Sheriff's Office points out their goal is to work together to make downtown Augusta safe and secure.


Photo Courtesy of WRDW

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