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Clear The Shelter! This Saturday!

"Clear The Shelter" is a nationwide campaign to help animals at shelters to find their fur-ever homes.

I know in Richmond and Columbia County-- there's a huge issue with over crowding. Too many animals, and not enough space. More animals being brought in than can be adopted out.

On Saturday-- Richmond County and Columbia County shelters are taking part in the "Clear The Shelter" event.

At Columbia County Animal Shelter- from 11a-3p, there will be a $15 adoption fee, which includes microchipping with lifetime registration.

Our friends at Dog Networking Agents will be out at Augusta Animal Services on Mack Lane to assist with their Clear The Shelter efforts!

If you are considering a pet... please adopt! There are so many amazing animals in shelters right now.

And don't forget our #LovePup Family Fest NEXT weekend! Lots of opportunities to fit the perfect fit for your family!

#LovePup Family Fest - Thumbnail Image

#LovePup Family Fest

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