Arrests Could Be Coming Soon After Night Club Attack in Augusta

Over the weekend, 24-year-old Brittany Stevens was attacked outside of The Scene night club. She was injured so badly that she may lose her eyesight in one eye.

According to authorities, arrests could be made soon because the minutes leading up to the attack were caught on video surveillance from across the street. Stevens was approached several times by two women yelling at her about an ex-boyfriend while she was awaiting an Uber outside of the club. They began to get aggressive, so Stevens went across the street through an alley, hoping to get away, but then realized there was a wall. She was trapped and they began to attack her.

The DA's office and Richmond County investigators are looking through the IBEW's surveillance video for more information. The camera caught the moments before Stevens was attacked. Two females punched her in the face and head several times, and a male kicked her in the face. There's video showing someone with a phone videoing the whole thing-- which means someone has a video of the actual attack.

The 2 women have been identified-- and are claiming they pushed Stevens to get her to stop, but they don't know how she got injuries to her face. Authorities are still looking for the male suspect.

Stevens suffered a shattered orbital bone, and had to get a titanium plate on parts of her skull, according to her mother.




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