Burned Dog Will Now Help Burn Victims In Augusta!

This is the BEST!

Taka was badly burned during a house fire back in October, but now he's in training to be a therapy dog for the burn center! His owner, Chrystal Lesley, was originally his vet, then took him in as her own! She said it wasn't the easiest transition because Taka was instigating fights with her other dogs. I can only imagine the trauma he's been through. She didn't know if she'd be able to keep him because of the fighting, but someone suggested she get him trained. She was hesitant because he's older than most dogs that are taken to training. But thank goodness for Canine Training Project! Mandy Foster is the owner of the Canine Training Project and says dogs are never too old.

Foster says older dogs can sometimes take a little longer to train, but at 9-years-old, she was pleasantly surprised at how quickly Taka took to the training. She says, "He's brilliant."

Taka must learn the basics, go through distraction training and get his AKC Canine Good Citizen certification. Once that's done (which they hope to do Friday), he'll start training for therapy dog status!

Thanks to Canine Training Project for their service to the community and helping dogs like Taka to have a new leash on life!




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