What Inspired Miranda Lambert's New Song?

Miranda's mom used to use the phrase that has inspired her new song!

She tossed it out to the three other female writers she was working with . . . and off they went. She said, "That's something that all our moms would say to us when we were little . . . was to not worry about a stain. 

"We like to talk about girly things and things going on in life when we write together, so I feel like this song is just kind of a mix of scenarios that all of us have either been a part of, or seen, or you know, something that's happened in all of our lives. 

"Realizing that when you have something in your life that's a little hurtful, or a moment you wish would pass, it does all pass. And it all comes out in the wash."

Speaking of laundry: Miranda's husband Brendan McLoughlin does his topless. She surprised him as he was loading clothes, and then posted the clip on Instagram.  He was annoyed, but shouldn't be. He's married to Miranda Lambert, for cryin' out loud.



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