Georgia Officers Undercover To Enforce Hands Free Laws!

No, those aren't GADOT workers in yellow safety vests with surveying gear and maybe even holding a shovel. Hiding in plain sight... they are actually Cobb County Police Officers!

They are looking for enforce the hands free law-- looking for people texting, playing on social media, or checking email. The "GADOT workers" are armed with radios, alerting officers waiting, who will then make the traffic stops.

Acworth, Kennesaw and Cobb County officers all took part in this operation and wrote plenty of tickets.

Too many accidents and deaths are being caused by distracted driving. Remember the law says a phone must be mounted to your dashboard or windshield. Earbuds are legal, but only ONE in your ear.

This operation was on Tuesday in Cobb County, but they plan to do more like this soon.

Wonder how long it will be before other counties catch on and use these tactics to stop distracted driving?



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