Mountain Town Has A Dog For Mayor!

The mountain town, Idyllwild, started the tradition seven years ago of electing a dog for mayor. Max was the first mayor of the town, but passed away from old age in the middle of his second term. Max II took office at just under 2 months old, and has been elected mayor for life! He makes appearances in town square, at schools, hospitals and nursing homes. Visitor can also request meeting with him as well!

You can see him around the town in the back of a pickup, wearing a tie and the occasional hat. His human companion, Phyllis Mueller even answers her phone with the greeting "Office of the mayor", calling herself his chief of staff.

Seven years ago the town held a fundraiser where people could run their pets as candidates for mayor. Everyone was encouraged to vote a lot. Proceeds went to the Idyllwild Animal Rescue Friends, an animal rescue nonprofit!

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