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House Rules- Do You Have Them?

A new survey found 54% of parents in the U.S. think they're more relaxed about the rules than their parents were. And only 52% said their kids have a curfew. The most common time is 8:30 PM.

Besides a curfew, here are the ten most common"rules of the house"parents have for their kids . . .

1. Always say "please" and "thank you." 50% said it's a rule in their home.

2. Always be kind, 49%.

3. Before you can play, you have to finish your homework, 48%.

4. Always put things back where you found them, 46%. That's also the #1 rule kids BREAK, according to the survey.

5. Clean the table after dinner, 46%.

6. Having dinner together as a family, 44%.

7. No phones at the table, 41%.

8. Help carry the groceries in, 37%.

9. No yelling in the house, 36%.

10. You can't go to bed angry, 34%. 


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