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Earth Day-- Do You Recycle?

A new survey for Earth Day found 62% of us are worried we're not recycling right, because we don't know what can and can't be recycled. Here are two of the most common things we get wrong . . .

68% of us think used plastic utensils can be recycled. And technically, they can. But it costs too much. So most recycling plants won't do it.

And 53% of us think greasy pizza boxes should go in the recycling bin. But they can't be recycled either. Here are five more recycling stats for Earth Day . . .

1. 82% of Americans want to be more environmentally friendly. But only 31% of people said they always recycle.

2. The average American throws out five things a week that could be recycled instead.

3. Three in ten Americans are now using reusable water bottles instead of plastic. And 29% of us try to avoid straws too.

4. 83% of us would be willing to pay extra for products if they were more environmentally friendly.

5. Our top five excuses for not recycling are: "It's not convenient enough" . . . "I don't have space for the extra bin" . . . "I don't have time to separate my recycling" . . . "I don't have enough information about how to do it" . . . and, "I'm too lazy." 


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