Interesting Museum Coming To Augusta!

A Dime Museum will be a new addition to Augusta. It's a piece of history that may be a little too creepy for some people to handle! It looks like it came from Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Peter Excho is the American Dime Museum owner, and says the museum has historical significance. It will be an 1800's museum presented the way it would have been back then. It's a museum of "the bizarre, the strange, and the weird," and will have dim lighting, rats and gators! But that's just a small portion of what you'll experience!

The museum was built from scratch and will be the only dime museum in the US! Peter's son has helped along the way and they've been working since last June on getting things together.

The front of the building will actually be a coffee shop, with the museum in the back. The coffee shop portion will eventually be open 24/7, and will serve some of the rarest coffees on the planet.

The grand opening will be this summer... and despite being called a dime museum, due to inflation, the price of entry will be more like $13.




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