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Tasks We Tend To Put Off...

Is there anything on your to-do list you've been putting off for a while? Maybe MORE than one thing? A new survey found the average American currently has FOURTEEN tasks they've been meaning to get to. Here are the ten most common . . .

1. Odd jobs around the house.

2. Going to the doctor.

3. Spring cleaning.

4. Bills that need to be paid.

5. Paperwork that needs to be filed.

6. Taking stuff to Goodwill, or selling it online.

7. An item of clothing that needs to be mended, like a missing button.

8. Getting a haircut.

9. Catching up with friends.

10. Making a budget, or reviewing your finances.

The main reason we can't cross stuff off our list is we just don't have time. The survey also found the average person only has4 hours and 26minutes of free time a week . . . or 38 minutes a day. And40% of people said they have less than that. 


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