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Fitness Friday-- Making Fitness FUN!

So I've noticed recently that I've been kinda bored and unmotivated with my workouts. I've still been getting them in... but not putting in as much effort and having the same level of excitement. It's easy to fall into that rut when you're doing the same things week after week!

My biggest advice to avoid burnout and boredom is to shake things up! I realized this morning that when I try something new and challenging, I find way more enjoyment! Of course, Fridays are my cardio days, so it started with the elliptical, then some body weight exercises and high intensity intervals. Then back to the box jumps! You know last week, I was so nervous about the box jumps... but I overcame my fear and was super proud of myself. Check out this video! The first is last week-- then swipe to see how I changed things up! An obstacle course of sorts!

The important thing is to get your body moving! We all know exercise is good for us, but sometimes we're not motivated. But the first key is to find something you enjoy! If it's not running-- maybe it's biking, dancing/Zumba, yoga, etc. You're more likely to workout when it's something you like/enjoy! And if the time comes you start to feel burnt out, switch it up! Challenge yourself in new ways.

I know personally, I have to make it a game! When I go for runs, I'll challenge myself to run at a certain pace til I get to ____ (that tree, that driveway, that lightpole, etc.). Or it's trying to beat my last run. Set goals and make it fun! You're way more likely to stick it out!

Also, if you always do a certain exercise/workout on the same days-- try switching it up. If you always listen to music, try switching to a motivational podcast! Change the environment. Whatever you have to do to get yourself outta that funk. Believe me! We all have our days/weeks/months, where we just hit a wall (in life or in our workouts). Sometimes we need to rest, I won't tell you not to. Just don't let that become an excuse! I keep thinking I'm burnt out... but the thought of not working out will only make me crazy! If I get out of my routine, I know how hard it'll be to get back! But even if I stick to daily workouts, I'm going to try switching up what days I do each workout, taking it easier on days when I'm struggling, challenging myself and making it a game! A lot of it is in our mindset. Don't get me started on the power of thoughts and words-- that may be another blog for another day! :)

Have an aggressive weekend, ya'll! Thanks for reading and be sure to leave your feedback/comments/questions/advice! I'd love to hear from you!

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Also, here's the latest progression on my pull ups!

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