Shooting In North Augusta -UPDATE!

A 32 year old man has been charged with attempted murder in connection with the shooting that happened on the 1200 block of Lake Avenue in North Augusta this morning. It's being called a "road rage" incident, involving an Augusta Chronicle delivery driver.

North Augusta Department of Public Safety says Max Joshawa Eagle is being charged in the incident that happened around 5:30am this morning.

Two vehicles were involved, one being driven by the Augusta Chronicle delivery driver and the other by Charis Mitchell Joy, age 26, and Eagle was a passenger in her car.

Apparently Joy was trying to make a left turn into her driveway, but couldn't due to the delivery vehicle on it's normal morning route. Despite the driver being well within his rights, according to NAPS, it incited a level of road rage that prompted the shooting.

The delivery driver has been in surgery to treat the gunshot wound.




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