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Keep An Eye Out On The Greeneway!

This is unnerving! I was just at the Greeneway for a run on Sunday. I have also seen a raccoon before while out there (and it was daylight-- I've always heard if you see them in the daylight they may be rabid). Thankfully that one didn't chase me.

Officials are encouraging residents near the Greeneway, and patrons, to be aware of their surroundings. A man was bitten by a rabid raccoon just over 2 weeks ago.

This type of thing has happened twice in the last year-- back in July it was a fox, now it's a raccoon.

The victim said the raccoon started chasing him, and while running from the animal, he fell and was bitten on the back. Michael Strauss from Animal Control said,"Didn't take long to figure out the animal was not acting normal when he stood up on his hind legs and made out a pretty good growl."

Officer Strauss said it's rare, but does happen and if you see an animal acting erratically, please notify animal control. Even if it's after hours.

"Just because we're off doesn't mean that we don't respond you can call the non-emergency number at the department of public safety, the 279-2121 and they'll send somebody out," said Strauss.

Animal control has seen rabies on both sides of the river and will be monitoring the Greeneway for any other issues.

A rabies bite can be fatal, but the man who was bitten went straight to the hospital to be treated and is recovering.


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