"A Doll Like Me"-- dolls for kids with physical differences!

Amy Jandrisevits, 45, of Milwaukee, WI, saw a need and has started an amazing project, called "A Doll Like Me." She creates custom dolls for children with physical differences-- whether it's a missing limb, facial deformities, a scar, or any medical issue that is physically visible. She told TODAY Parents, "It is so important to show those kids images of themselves. Dolls have a power we don't completely understand."

For many of the kids, getting A Doll Like Me is the first time they see a toy that shares similar characteristics. She spends a lot of time studying the pictures and learning as much as she can to make them as accurate as possible. During the process, she feels like she gets to know them and says each doll is loaded with so many emotions. Families have even sent her videos of the kids receiving the dolls.

Each doll is hand sewn and can take her up to 7 hours. Her mom helps her by sewing the bodies, while she adds the special details, personalized for each child.

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