Happy International Women's Day To YOU!

What a fun morning here at the iHeartMedia office! We hosted an International Women's Day Power Hour Breakfast to celebrate the many hard working women in and around the CSRA! It was a great chance for me to meet so many new people! We celebrated with delicious food, prizes and speed networking.

Thank YOU, ladies for the work you do every single day-- in whatever field you're in. You are AMAZING. It really felt great to acknowledge and empower each other. It's definitely something that we need more of in society. Too often we go about our days and forget to recognize the incredible people who surround us. I am incredibly blessed to work with some of the most amazing women in iHeartMedia!

Today-- I encourage you to empower and uplift someone! A simple complement can go a LONG way! Try it!

Happy International Women's Day to all of my amazing co-workers, friends and listeners.


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