Atlanta Braves Player Autographs WHAT?!

A young couple at an Atlanta Braves spring training game wanted an autograph from CHARLIE CULBERSON.

But they didn't have anything for him to sign . . . So they asked him to sign their FIVE-MONTH-OLD BABY.

Now, he didn't sign the actual baby . . . like its naked skin . . . he signed the kid's SHIRT. So this is obviously an outfit that will show up again at the kid's high school graduation party . . .when no one remembers Culberson.

By the way, this is NOT the first time that he's autographed a baby . . . he's done it at least two other times. He also did it at the end of last season, and at the time, he said THAT baby wasn't his first.

So it's possible that these Braves fans at spring training KNEW that signing babies was Culberson's 'thing,' and that was their plan all along. Who knows. 



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