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Pupdate Night 1

We got home around 5:30 yesterday. Thankfully the ramp I ordered to get him in and out of the Jeep came so I was able to use it when I got home (the techs at the vet trying to get him in the Jeep were angels! Thankful for their help!)

Once we got home, Cody was still loopy from the anesthesia. He’d lay down but not put his head down and I could see his eyelids getting heavy. He didn’t venture far from me in the house, or outside. I was anxious for him to potty and laid in the floor soothing him for a while.

It is so hard to watch your baby hurt and not be able to do anything. He finally ate a little bit of chicken so I went ahead and gave him his first dose of antibiotics. I hate having to shove pills in his mouth. Finally got those down.

Went to to bed and set up my pallet in the floor next to him. He slept well for maybe two hours. I woke up to him pacing the bedroom. I took him outside to potty, he drank some water and finally ate his food around midnight. Went back to the bedroom and he continued to pace. Every time he’d go to lay down he’d whine. I was so heartbroken. It is a helpless feeling not being able to do anything for him. At one point I did try to assist him in laying down but he whined harder so I stopped.

Around 1am I finally decided we’d go ahead with the first pain pill (they told me to start today). Got back to the bedroom, more pacing. I was dozing on and off watching him when he finally sat down near the foot of the bed. Maybe an hour after the pain pill he finally laid down to sleep.

I got got into the bed and we both got maybe 2 hours of sleep. Once we got up, he seemed a little bit perkier than yesterday and the tail was wagging. Took him outside and he wouldn’t potty.

Decided we take a tiny tiny walk to see if we could get him to go to the bathroom. He definitely perked up when he heard the jingle of the leash. We went slow and not far, but he did potty. Once we got home, he’s had more water but no food. He finally laid back down for maybe 20 minutes.

Currently, I’m sitting in my living room floor as he paces around and is whining trying to find a place to lay and get comfortable.

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. Night one was tough but we’re doing okay, considering the circumstances. I’ll update soon. Love you guys!

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