My Weekend In Review!

Hey guys! Hope you had a great weekend, I know I did. Friday night was uneventful as I prepped to run my first half marathon. Saturday, I got up early and went downtown for the run. Unfortunately it was cold and drizzling most of the morning. After the run, I went home to soak and try to recover! Then my fiance went to pick up some firewood and we invited a few friends over for a bonfire on Saturday night! Enjoyed the down time to hang out, enjoy some music and great laughs! I love being by a fire when it's cold! Not so much the smell in your clothes the next day!

Sunday, I woke up a little later than normal, and because it was raining, we didn't get to walk the pups first thing. Went to lunch at Red Robin, and the sun finally came out! I was so happy! My fiance suggested we head back to the house, load up the pups in the Jeep and head to the Greeneway! The dogs were SO excited (even if we'd just driven them around, they would've been just as happy). Got to the Greeneway and did 4 miles (walking of course-- no way I could've done any running after my half!). There were SO many people on the Greeneway-- guess we all had the same idea. There were also quite a few dogs... and my pups get SO excited about other animals. They aren't aggressive in the least, but people see my big dogs pulling and they assume they're trying to hurt someone. They just don't get out and about much-- mainly because they are tough to hang on to when they get excited. Hope to socialize them more and more to keep this from happening.

After the Greeneway, we went home to relax and prep for the week. Finished up laundry, watched the Ridiculousness marathon, and meal prepped! How was your weekend?


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