No Surprise To Me: Dog Owners Take More Photos Of Their Dog!

There's a report from showing 65% of dog owners admit they take more photos of their dog than their significant other. I thought about this... and realized it's certainly true in my case (see photos of my babies below).

The younger dog owners especially tend to shower their dogs with attention and gifts because we consider them our best friend, and we want to be their best friend too, according to Brandie Gonzales, a pet lifestyle expert with the site. We are concerned with our dog's feelings and well-being. I also wonder if part of the "younger" demo is due to people waiting longer to have kids or not having kids at all, and considering their pets like kids. I know this is definitely true in my case!

The study also shows that 54% of dog owners would consider ending the relationship if their dog didn't like their significant other... Which is funny, because I always told my fiance if he didn't love my dog the way I do, we wouldn't be together!


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