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Old School Gifts We Wish Our Kids Wanted For Christmas

 Have you ever bought your kid a toy that YOU loved as a child?  Then they said something like, "yeah, cool, thanks," and went back to playing video games?

 A recent survey asked parents to name the top old-school toys they WISH their kids wanted.  Here are the top ten . . .


1.  A bike.


2.  Puzzles.


3.  Board games.


4.  A teddy bear or stuffed animal.


5.  A ball.  Like a football or basketball.


6.  Building blocks.


7.  An art set.


8.  Modelling clay.


9.  Toy animals.  We think they mean those little educational ones for younger kids.


10.  A jump rope.



A few that just missed the top ten were a musical instrument at #11 . . . a train set at #14 . . . a yo-yo at #15 . . . a doll house at #21 . . . a telescope at #23 . . . and a microscope at #25. 




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