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Reasons For Re-Gifting

 A poll of 2,000 people found 46% of us wish we could just pick out our own Christmas gifts, so we'd get stuff we actually want.


The survey also asked people about stuff they've regifted . . . returned . . . or just tossed in the trash, and WHY they did it.  Here are the top ten reasons . . .


1.  I just didn't like the gift.


2.  I couldn't use it in time.  So that applies to things like gift cards and Groupons.


3.  I already owned one.


4.  I liked the gift, but thought someone else would like it more.


5.  I got too many of them.  Like if you end up with five boxes of chocolate.


6.  I regifted to save money on someone else's gift.


7.  It didn't fit.  So that one's mostly about clothing.


8.  I used it as an emergency gift after I forgot to get someone a present.


9.  I didn't have space for it.


10.  I got rid of it out of SPITE, because I didn't like the person who gave it to me.  (Mirror) 

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