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Maintain A Healthy Weight This Holiday Season!

A new study on holiday weight gain showed that just being MINDFUL of your weight can stop you from packing on the pounds.


One group in the study was asked to weigh themselves twice a week, and given two lists . . .


 The first list told them how much exercise it takes to burn off different holiday foods.  And the second list had ten tips for maintaining a healthy weight.


 And by the end of the holidays, they'd actually LOST a little weight.  About a quarter of a pound, on average.  So, not much.  But they didn’t GAIN weight either.


 Meanwhile, a separate "control" group WASN'T given the lists, and didn't weigh themselves.  And they gained an average of a POUND over the holidays.


 So just weighing yourself regularly and being more aware of healthy choices might help you keep the weight off this month.


Here's the list of ten tips the group got on how to maintain a healthy weight . . .


1.  Eat your meals at roughly the same time every day.



2.  Use reduced fat foods when possible, and don't eat too much butter.



3.  Take 10,000 steps a day, which is like 60 to 90 minutes of moderate exercise.



4.  Choose healthy snacks, like fruit and yogurt instead of candy and chips.



5.  Read food labels carefully, and check the fat and sugar content.



6.  Don't heap food onto your plate, except vegetables.  And think twice about having seconds.



7.  Try to stand for at least 10 minutes every hour throughout the day.



8.  Drink more water, less alcohol, and less soda.



9.  Eat at the table, not in front of the TV.  And take your time.



10.  Eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. 



(Daily Mail)

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