Has Your Kid Seen A Ghost?

I know Halloween is over, but creepy stuff can happen anytime!

I will admit... I am completely fascinated by "ghost" sighting stories.  My friend posted the link to this story of a woman who's kid sees a ghost.  I read it, and immediately went and read a ton of comments on Facebook.

Y'all!  SO many people have had their kids (or their own personal) encounters with "ghosts."  Now I know some of you don't believe in ghosts, and that's ok.  But I know there has to be a bunch of you who do believe... and maybe have had your own encounter?

When I was younger, I used to think my parents' house was haunted.  I would lay in bed at night and think I heard the piano playing, sometimes I would hear what sounded like someone coming up the stairs.  Doors would randomly make noise.  Apparently by oldest sister told my mom there was a man upstairs when she was around 2 years old.  My mom asked her who it was. And my sister said "Kenny Rogers" (Side note: my mom is Kenny Rogers fan and she said, "I guess that was the only name she could come up with for a man she didn’t really know. I still glance up there and wonder - she’s now 35 years old!).  

So let's hear them!  I want to know if you've experienced anything like this!  


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