Dog Lovers, Get The Tissue Ready

Most of my dogs when I was growing were outside dogs (I lived out in the country, and we had a lot of stray show up).  My Lab, Cody, is my first inside dog, that was all mine.  My heart hurts to think of the day I may lose him.  I can't even imagine.  This video is absolutely heart wrenching.  I'll never understand why God gave dogs such short lives in comparison to ours... For all the dogs that we've lost, this video is a beautiful tribute!


Maybe you've lost a dog, and you're searching for another companion (even though that loss can't be replaced), join us for #LovePup Family Fest on Saturday, November 17th at Steed's Dairy Farm, 2p-6p.  A lot of great local rescues will have amazing dogs on site for adoption.  So many loving fur babies in need of fur-ever homes!

What is #LovePup Family Fest?
What is #LovePup Family Fest?
Murphy Auto Group brings you the iHeartMedia Augusta #LovePup Family Fest - Saturday 8/24 @ Steed's Dairy Farm! Bring your your family to the ultimate festival of the...


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