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My Wigglebutts! Ready for #LovePup Family Fest!

I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend.  Me and the pups enjoyed long walks each morning and then played some ball in the backyard!

Cody And Harley!

Harley girl. always bringing the ball up and looking at us like, "Hey, are you gonna kick that?"

Harley Girl!

An afternoon of fun wouldn't be complete without some jerky treats!  Come on, daddy... we're waiting!

Taking a break!

These two are so funny. Harley outruns Cody easily... and can sometimes bulldoze her way through anything.  Cody is perfectly happy to just run after the ball, knowing sissy will get it (but if he does get it... it's harder to take it back!).

Bring it on in!

By now you know how much I love my wigglebutts!  That's why I am super excited about #LovePup Family Fest! Saturday, November 17th at Steed's Dairy! Live music, food, fun for the whole family (well behaved pups included).  Come spend some time on the farm, and maybe even come adopt a four legged friend to add to your family!

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