Prayers For The Family Of HS Football Player

This news comes from Pike County, a small town in middle Georgia, not far from where I was born and raised (Lamar County).  So many of my Facebook friends still live and work around there, and I saw so many posts over the weekend about Dylan.  I wasn't quite sure what had happened, until I found the news article this morning.

Dylan Thomas was a junior high school football player, who was playing in a game Friday night against Peach County.  He got hit in the second quarter of the game, but went back on to the field to keep playing.  At some point, while on the sidelines, his arm and leg went numb and he collapsed.  He was airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital.  He had a severe brain injury and had two surgeries to remove swelling.  

Unfortunately, Dylan lost his battle last night.  I can't even begin to imagine the pain and heart break the family is experiencing.  While I don't know him or his family, I know many from my hometown area do have connections and are hurting with this news.  Please pray for Dylan's family, the community, his fellow football players and classmates.  

More on the story with Fox 5 Atlanta.



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