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Being An Adult Is So Ridiculous

Adulting is so hard.  Becoming an adult was the dumbest thing I've ever done.  

We all waited to grow up.  Couldn't wait to grow up.  And then it happened.  Dumbest wish ever! I mean, you gotta get a job and pay bills and be responsible...

And then something happens and you get overly excited about it.  And it's probably absolutely ridiculous.  Something like... getting a new appliance, not getting bills in the mail one day... 

For me... it was getting my vacuum cleaner serviced. I know, so dumb right?

I have a Rainbow, and I've had it probably 6-7 years and have never had it serviced (won't do that again).  It was running ok, but I knew it probably needed a tune up.  The suction didn't seem to be as strong, so I looked up a place to take it and dropped it off on Tuesday.  They told me it'd be a few days.  They called on Wednesday to tell me it was ready, so I picked it up yesterday.  First of all, it looked almost BRAND NEW. Super impressed with how well they cleaned it up.  But then I was SO excited about getting it home to try it out.

Yes, I was excited to vacuum.  Again, how ridiculous.

I worked the rest of the day, went to the gym... and got home with my Rainbow.  I couldn't wait.  So I vacuumed the whole house.  It ran like a CHAMP!  Definitely improved suctioning.  If you've never seen a Rainbow cleaning system, it sucks everything into this bowl of water, so you can see the disgusting stuff that it gets up (Again, dumb.  I am always fascinated with this part-- like, MY CARPET WAS THAT DIRTY?!). 

Good news is... I won't have to take the time this weekend to do my usual cleaning.  So #ADULTINGWIN there!  :)

So, please tell me I'm not the only one! What's something you've gotten or done that made you so ridiculously happy or excited, and really it was just something crazy?

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