Video Game Addiction-- This Is A HUGE Problem

This woman from Australia says her 14-year-old son is addicted to Fortnite.  So much so, that he only leaves the house once a week, only leaves his room to go to the bathroom, doesn't go to school anymore and even head butted her when she tried to take the PS4 away.  

He tells her that it's the only thing that brings him happiness.  

This addiction has brought out a violent side of her son, who used to be adventurous and outgoing.  She's even sought out help from doctors and experts.

More on the story here: Scottish Sun

Do you think this could have been prevented?  Are your kids addicted to video games?  How do you regulate/monitor their time in front of video games?

Honestly, I worry that many times kids are sent to watch TV and play video games as a way to keep them entertained... and it's often NOT monitored and can get to an extreme.  When I was a kid, we had video games, but we really would rather be outside riding bikes and playing... And we were encouraged to do so.

What's changed?  I think this is a growing epidemic and we need to find ways to avoid this HUGE problem. 


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