America's Got Talent Results Show!

So last night was the first round of results after the first live show! Of course, from my post yesterday, you already know who my favorites are. I was definitely relieved to see them both make it through.  

I am very happy that the Human Fountains were let go. I don't know how much more of them spitting on each other and in each others' mouths that I could take.  That was simply disgusting in my opinion.

I was happy that We Three made it through, although I wasn't crazy about their last performance.  

I think the most exciting part about the show (other than finding out my two faves made it through) was getting to see Darci Lynne again.  She was my favorite from the beginning of last season!  She has definitely grown up a bit in the past year, and her confidence has grown too!  She put on an amazing performance.  Here it is in case you missed it, or just want to watch again!


Here's my girl Vicki Barbolak's response to getting voted through to the semi finals!  


And of course, the exciting moment for my girl Courtney Hadwin!


What acts are you looking forward to seeing in the next live episode?  Who do you think will win it all?


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