Which Was Your Favorite America's Got Talent Performance?

You guys know that America's Got Talent is just about the only show I watch on a regular basis.  So I want to know what you thought of last night's episode!

Personally, I was bored with, and somewhat annoyed with, the first half of the show.  Some of the acts are just way out there... 

I do have my two favorites from last night though!  And they were both kept til the very end! Vicki Barbolak, the comedian (#TrailerNasty), and Courtney Hadwin, a singer. In my opinion these were the most stand out performances. 

I love Vicki because she's so raw and real.  Her reaction when she was told she was going to the live shows is still one of my favorite moments from this season.  I just think she is so funny and down to earth.


Courtney Hadwin amazes me.  I will admit it's weird to watch her go from being this quiet, awkward girl, to this powerhouse on stage.  I do love the fact that despite her classmates teasing, she has stayed true to herself... which I think is super important and obviously it makes her stand out from the rest on the show!  Here's her performance from last night, performing a James Brown classic!  


So let me know your favorites from last night!  Who do you think will win this season?


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