Doggie Daycare Success!

So yesterday the pups went to check out the kennel they'll be staying at while I'm out of a town a couple of times in the next few months.  I did a trial run just to make sure they would adjust well (neither have ever been boarded...).  From the looks of things... it went very well!  

Halfway through the day I got a message from Jamie:
"Wanted to let you know the pups are being very good so far. No issues. Both meet and greet very well. Harley is such a big lover. She keeps coming over to me for pets."

Definitely a relief for this fur mama!  

I picked them up a little earlier than planned just because my plans for the day shifted.  But when I got there, Jamie brought them out and they looked very happy (and I'm glad they were excited to see me).

She said they did really well, especially for dogs that haven't been boarded before. Again-- relief! She said Harley was slightly anxious, but Cody helps mellow her out.  So overall, it looks like the pups had a good day and behaved fairly well! My only concern will be with an overnight stay, since Harley girl likes to sleep right next to me, that will be an adjustment for her for sure.

Thanks to Wagging Tails Dog Boarding in North Augusta-- for taking care of my babies and sharing these pictures throughout the day! 


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