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Sleep Deprived Parents Do Strange Things!

So school is starting back for most kids around the CSRA, so I know some parents are happy about that.  But having kids can be very tough, and sometimes that can include lack of sleep... like a lot of it, right?  What are some strange things you've done due to sleep deprivation?  Check out the results from this new survery!

A new survey asked parents what strange things they've done because of their sleep deprivation, and here are the top 10 answers . . .


1.  Tried to wash clothes in the toilet.


2.  Poured baby formula into their coffee.


3.  Texted their boss thinking it was their significant other.


4.  Took a shower fully clothed.


5.  Tried to make a phone call on the TV remote.


6.  Left the house totally or partially naked.


7.  Opened the fridge looking for shoes.


8.  Waited for a stop sign to turn green.


9.  Drove to work without dropping off the kids at school first.


10.  Started cooking dinner at breakfast time. 



(New York Post)

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