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My Fiance's Solution To His Work Accident!

On Wednesday, I was leaving my volunteer work when I got a text from my fiance who told me that he was on the way to the doctor to get his finger sewn up.  He said he cut it at work and that he was okay and for me not to be upset.  He then told me he'd been using a jack hammer and it slipped, causing him to smash his finger. At some point during our text exchange, he tells me that he'd send me a picture, but he knows I don't like blood.  (Thanks for not sending it, babe!)

Now, later on, I find out... he smashed it once... but didn't think much of it and continued working.  Then the same thing happened and he smashed it AGAIN.  So he sees some blood and asked one of his co-workers to get him a paper towel.  He thought it was a minor cut and was planning to keep working.  But then he realized it was a little worse than he originally thought.  After talking to his supervisor, he was just going to bandage it up and get back to work.  He's tough as nails, I swear.  His pain tolerance is SO high.  

Well, the supervisor wasn't having it and told him he'd have to go get it stitched up, so they went to the doctor.  He finally gets done about 8pm that night, and he starts telling me the details of how it happened and everything, then started telling me about being at the doctor's office and what they had to do.  I started fanning myself, and he's like.. What's wrong?  I said, "I'm getting light-headed"

*Side note: I don't handle pain or blood well.  I've been known to pass out with shots.  Even hearing about it can start to make me woozy just thinking about it*

Anyway... we weren't prepared for bandaging his hand up, so he goes and gets just a regular bandaid to wrap around his pinky before putting on the splint.  I helped with that and then he realized he didn't have any medical tape, and the bandage stuff they sent with him wasn't going to stick.  

So what does he do?  

Duct tape, electrical tape?
Ingenuity at its finest!

Electrical tape... or duct tape.  I'm not even sure.  But I couldn't help but laugh.  Seems like a redneck solution for sure.  

The next day, his safety coordinator at work made him call me... She's like, he needs to keep this clean and get it bandaged up right!  She said, he's telling me he's just going to use duct tape, can you please make sure he takes care of this properly?

And y'all... it wasn't like I was pro-duct tape for this... we just didn't have the proper materials on Wednesday night.  Needless to say, we got gauze and medical tape and he is properly bandaged as of last night!  :) 

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