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I'm A Radio Nerd!

I've been in the radio business for over 7 years now.  I absolutely love what I do. I love being on-air and entertaining you guys daily, I love interviews and audio production and editing.  I love being out and about with the station and hanging out with listeners at events and concerts.

But there's a side of me you may not know!  I am... a Radio Nerd!  When it comes to the behind-the-scenes stuff... like what it takes to get the audio you hear in your car, at home, on your phone, on your Amazon Alexa... I am completely fascinated by the audio chain.  All of the equipment it takes to make this happen is mind blowing (and sometimes scary because the amount of power behind it all!).  Over the years I've been to transmitter sites, and each time I have fallen more in love with that side of the radio business!  I've been in Augusta for almost a year and a half and I finally got to go check out our tower site with my engineer.  

And I was not disappointed.  Still just as amazed as I was on the first day I saw a transmitter and tower.

Ya'll... our tower is HUGE.  I mean, we are a 100,000 watt station (psst, that means we put out a lot of power, and that's the reason we reach ALL over the CSRA and beyond!).

I took a few pictures... but they don't do it justice really!

Driving up to the tower site!

Well, because of the time of day and the angle, this was the shot I got on our way down to the site!

From the ground up!

I thought this was an awesome shot from below! This doesn't even begin to show you how tall this thing really is though.  And even though I love this side of radio, I am grateful I am not a climber.  The guys that climb towers are BRAVE!

Transmitter/Technical Stuff

See, I told you... A LOT that goes into making the great new country come out of your speakers!  Wires, buttons, lights... everywhere.  It's amazing!

HD Radio too

Like I said, the pictures don't really even begin to show you everything it takes.  I just LOVE it though.  

Another side to what I love in radio, is the actual programming of the station... but that's a story for another day! Love you guys!  Thanks for letting me show my radio nerd side! 

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