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My Weekend In Review!

I had a pretty awesome weekend.  It wasn't anything extravagant or crazy, but sometimes just being able to kick back and relax can be the best kind of weekend!

Started out Friday night with me and my fiance checking out a new (to us) place.  We are typically creatures of habit and go to the same restaurants frequently... Because hey, we know what we like... why waste money trying somewhere that might not be as good?  :)

Well we checked out Limelight Cafe on Agerton Lane.  Someone told us they had great wings and a really great special (20 wings, fries and a pitcher of beer).  Only con I saw was that they allowing smoking inside (I'm a non-smoker with asthma... so that can be a pain).  But it is a "bar" so if you like music, playing pool, throwing darts, drinking and having a good time, it definitely has a cool vibe.  We weren't quite sure how things worked when we first got there... but quickly found out you go up to the bar to order, then they bring it to your table.  Food came pretty quickly too! The wings were bigger than we were expecting so we wound up eating about half and taking the rest home!  They were good, and definitely had some heat to them (we ordered them hot!).  

We are looking to expand our restaurant choices... so if you have any recommendations, we're building a list. We may actually have to get one of those apps with the wheel and add the choices and just spin for a decision (neither of us are the best at making the final decision!).  So if you were fairly new to town, or had guests in town, what places would you suggest they try (the more "hole in the wall," off the beaten path, the better!)?

Next we went to the movies!  We haven't been to the movies much at all!  But we decided to see The Equalizer 2 (the first one was so good, and I love Denzel Washington).  We were going to go to Regal, but the time we were looking to go was sold out, so we wound up in Evans.  No big deal.  Plus side, it wasn't near as crowded!  The movie was pretty good... but not nearly what I was expecting (most sequels aren't as good as the first, right?).  It didn't have many connections with the first as I was hoping for.  Still a decent movie.  I mean, Denzel is a great actor.  

Saturday was pretty laid back.  Did the grocery shopping and the laundry.  Boring right?  :)  Then we spent the afternoon letting the dogs play in the backyard, while probably annoying the neighbors with our loud music... 

Sunday we were happy to see that the chance of rain had cleared so we got on the Harley and rode to Lake Greenwood!  It was a gorgeous day for a ride (started out a little chilly for me actually... haha, I'm always cold!).  We had lunch at Harris Landing (delicious burgers, BTW!) then enjoyed walking by the lake a bit before heading home.  Sunday afternoon we let the pups play in the yard some more, while my fiance put some meat on the grill (his favorite pastime is grilling).  He cooked some beef, pork loin, and ribeye steaks!  

Overall it was a great relaxing weekend without being pulled in a million different directions.  So how was your weekend?  

Also, don't forget recommendations for restaurants!  We'd also love to know your favorite destinations/routes for motorcycle adventures!  Check out some photos from the weekend below!

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