Service Dog Saves 7 Newborn Kittens!

A 30 year old Georgia woman, Whitney Braley, who is confined to a wheelchair has a 3 year old service dog, a female Husky named Banner.  Earlier this month, Banner was acting out and seemed very distressed.  She finally started tugging on Whitney's dress, so Whitney allowed the dog to lead her to whatever what causing her to act that way.  Banner led Whitney into the woods near their home where they found a cardboard box.  Banner circled the box until Whitney opened it to reveal 7 newborn kittens.  

Whitney isn't quite sure how Banner knew the kittens were out there because they weren't making any noise.  Whitney was afraid they might be dead, but thankfully they were all alive.  When Whitney opened the box, Banner stuck her head in and gently lifted one of the kittens out.  Now she won't leave them, caring for them like they are her own, and even sleeps with them.  

Whitney plans to keep the kittens til they are a little older and hopes to get them adopted.

I'm hoping she at least keeps one to be a companion for Banner!  :) 

More on the story and photos HERE!


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