America's Got Talent Contestant From My Hometown!

It's a ritual.  Every Tuesday night, my fiance and I have to watch America's Got Talent.  It's basically the only show we always watch together.  We laugh and fuss about what talent gets through and always have our favorites.  

I was thinking last night... wouldn't it be crazy to see someone you actually know in real life?

Then, when Hunter Price got on stage and said he was from Georgia, my fiance said, "I wish he'd said what part of Georgia he was from."

So I immediately started investigating!  To my surprise... he's from MY HOMETOWN!  We had over 100 mutual friends on Facebook and I saw he was from Barnesville, GA.  And while I don't know him personally... I was super excited to have someone represent my small town on AGT!

Way to go, Hunter!  We're cheering for ya!



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