Feel Good Friday: Bone Marrow Donor Has Girl In Her Wedding

There's a 25-year-old woman in Alabama named Hayden Hatfield Ryals.  And while she was at Auburn University a few years ago, she decided to become a bone marrow donor through a charity called Be The Match.


All you do is register online . . . swab the inside of your cheek . . . and mail it in.  Then they contact you if they ever find a match who needs a bone marrow transplant.


In Hayden's case, they did find someone.  About a year after she signed up, they called her about a one-year-old girl in Ventura, California who had leukemia.


So Hayden took the next step . . . donated some of her bone marrow . . . and it saved the girl's life.


Her name is Skye, and she's 3 years old now.  Hayden says she thinks of her as family.


But they didn't actually get to meet in person until last month . . . when Skye and her parents flew out to Alabama for Hayden's WEDDING after she asked Skye to be the flower girl. 



(Dothan Eagle / CBS News)


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