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Dad Skills For The Modern Man!

The skills that it takes to be a dad have changed a LOT.  Like . . . your kids don't care at all about learning how to change their own oil, but you sure better teach them how to use the HDMI inputs on the TV.


A new survey found the skills that MODERN dads need to master, and here are 10 of the best ones . . .


1.  Cooking a meal.


2.  Setting up WiFi and a Netflix account.


3.  Building IKEA furniture.


4.  Setting up video game consoles.


5.  Teaching the kids what all the wires going into the TV do.


6.  Keeping up on the latest technology.


7.  Scraping together a down payment so their kids can actually afford a home.


8.  Being active on social media.


9.  Keeping up on fashion trends.


10.  Teaching the kids how to host their own YouTube show. 



(Daily Mirror)

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