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Curb Your Phone Addiction?

 Apple announced a new feature called "Digital Health" this week that's designed to keep you from getting too addicted to your phone.  It lets you do things like track usage, and limit how long you can use specific apps.

 Obviously they don't want it to work TOO well though.  They still want you to be a LITTLE addicted.  So here are five more things you can do to curb your phone use.


 1.  Turn off some of your notifications.  Just reducing the number of dings and alerts that pop up on your screen can help a lot.  Trash the ones you don't need, and only get notifications for stuff that's ACTUALLY urgent, like maybe emails and texts. 



2.  Be mindful about scrolling.  It's easy to lose track of time when you're scrolling through endless posts on Facebook and Instagram.  So just pay closer attention to it.



3.  Don't get sucked in by using apps for everything.  Have you ever used your phone to jot down a note, then found yourself checking Instagram on reflex?  Cut down on it by going old-school with a few things, like using a notebook or an actual alarm clock.



4.  Let friends and family call you out.  They probably notice you using your phone more than you do.  So give them permission to point it out when you go overboard.



5.  Make your screen black-and-white.  Most phones give you a "greyscale" option.  And studies have shown all those bright colors are a big part of why we're so addicted. 




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