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Moments of Joy Each Week

How often do you truly relax, and forget about all the stressful stuff going on in your life?  A recent survey found the average person has 432 moments of PURE JOY a year.  That's about eight a week.


The survey asked people to name the situations where they're most likely to feel happy and relaxed. 


Here are the ten that stood out to us . . .



1.  Hanging out on the couch or in bed with your significant other.  It was the most common answer people gave.


2.  Being on vacation, or on your way to your destination.


3.  On a date, but only if you're already in a relationship.  First dates are too stressful.


4.  At a friend's barbecue, picnic, or house party.


5.  When you're outside walking your dog.


6.  Meeting friends out for drinks, or watching sports at a bar.


7.  A movie night with your kids.


8.  When you're out shopping with a friend.


9.  Playing video games.


10.  Singing along to the radio. 



(The Sun)

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