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HELP! Flying For The First Time

Coming up next month, I have the chance for an AWESOME weekend getaway to San Diego!  I am super excited... but also scared to death!

Here are the reasons:

I've never flown (aside from a quick flight in a 6 passenger plane when I was younger).

I'm not really afraid of the actual flying part... more the before and after.

I've never had to book a flight.  I've never traveled farther than Mississippi... and that was in a bus!

I've never been IN an airport! I'm worried about navigating through the airport and finding where I need to go!

And of course there's the:

What to pack? How to pack? Check baggage or do it all in a carry on (I'm only there 2 full days)? What are the restrictions? Where do I get the best deals on airline tickets? 

So, any tips/advice is much appreciated! I'm nervous, excited, and overwhelmed!

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