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Hair Washing... How Often Do You Shampoo?

I have pretty much always been a "wash my hair everyday" kind of girl.  Shampoo, condition... and then it's either blow dry and straighten; try to let it air dry wavy; or pull it up.

Over the weekend I was talking to some girl friends about it... and I told them I haven't mastered the whole "dry shampoo" thing, so I'm still washing daily.

Now let me back up and tell you that I have done research on the pros and cons.  I even went a few months of doing the "no-poo" thing a few years ago.  And it was TOUGH (and I had a lot of bad hair days).  I couldn't continue "training" my hair to not be so oily.

So... I just went back to the whole washing every day lifestyle.  Which can be SO annoying.  It takes quite a while to dry and straighten my long hair. And apparently a LOT of people are going DAYS between washes.  I want this to be me.  I need to simplify my hair routine (and prevent more hair damage!). I always feel like the day after I wash my hair is an oil slick.  I have tried going every other day, which is ok... but I still sometimes feel like my hair is looking rough!  

I want to know:

How often do you wash your hair?

What do you do between washes?

If you use dry shampoo, what's the best brand you've found?

And any other "secrets" you have when it comes to your hair care routine!

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