Update On My Pup!

Thanks for all your prayers!  My black lab, Cody, had 3 lumps removed last week.  He's almost 8, and I was nervous because it was the first time he'd had anything done (other than being neutered).  

The day of his surgery went ok.  When I went to pick him up, he was definitely still doped up and out of it, but the tail was still working and he was happy to see me!  Getting him into my Jeep was quite the task since one of the lumps was removed from the groin area, so he wasn't allowed to jump (not that he would've felt up to it anyway).  Another two lumps were removed from his sternum, which meant we couldn't pick him up around the middle either!  Finally got him in the Jeep and home!  Thanks to my neighbor for helping me get him out of the Jeep.

The first evening/night was a little rough.  He was in pain trying to lay down and get back up.  There was a lot of pacing.  And of course trying to keep his crazy sister off him was another task! We made it through the first night, and you could tell he felt a lot better the next day.  Moving around easier and quicker, and venturing out farther in the yard to go potty.  Still had a ways to go though.  Plus still had pain meds and antibiotics to give him too!

Since the surgery, just a couple days after he was hopping around and trying to run and play.  It broke my heart to tell him no when it came to playing ball (it's his FAVORITE thing ever!).  Try to keep him from over exerting himself has been hard.  He also jumped up on the couch before I could stop him!  Thankfully the stitches have remained in tact and he doesn't seem to have any issues.

We go back on Monday to get the stitches removed.  But overall, I think we'll be just fine!  He's definitely back to himself... and wants to do more than I'm ready for him to!  And he's quite the magician as well... somehow escaping his cone when I leave him at home!  I do have an iPad set up at home to check in on him while I'm at work.  And he mainly just sleeps all day.  

Thanks again for all your prayers!  Definitely appreciated.  This puppy mama is happy that her boy made it through so well.  There are other lumps that I will need to keep an eye on... but for now, the biggest ones are gone and we can rest easy for a while!


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